Check out the Lechon Bros food blog!

We at the Foodies Club pride ourselves on our members being active in the food community and supporting local businesses. Two of our members (and officers in training) started their own food blog recently called Lechon Bros. They love food including restaurants and cooking, expect lots of great posts from them. If you want to learn how to make a food blog or blogging in general, don’t worry we have some things planned this year to help you get started.


Here are two of their first posts:

PAO Cafe: A new Filipino restaurant in Lake Magdalene/Carrollwood area that also serves Asian Fusion cuisine and comes from the PAO Filipino Food Truck.

Soul of Korea: An unassuming mom-and-pop Korean restaurant on 56th Street between University and Temple Terrace that serves quality Korean food at an affordable place.

You can check out their full website at: Like them on Facebook:


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